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« il: 1 Febbraio 2009, 21:41:44 pm »
I think that for start, we can write our presentation in english ;)

Hi, I'm Manfry, the forum's admin.
I'm a student... I'm following a Master's programme in Telecomunications Engineering application at Trento university.
I would like deepen and improve my English.
I like work, listen music, read books, see films... sometimes I write somethings... normally quotes... I like talk with the people... ;)

Sorry for my bad english... heheheh
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Non esistono né pregi né difetti, ma solo caratteristiche che ci rendono unici.

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Re: presentations
« Risposta #1 il: 2 Febbraio 2009, 19:59:14 pm »
I like this option very much, Manfry.this is a good idea!
Well, Hi, I'm Silva and I come from Finland, but I live here in Italy since I was 1 year...I study in a linguistic high school, but I dn't speak very well English..I prefer Spanish and German..I can say also that I love music and books and I play the piano, the guitar and the violin...I listen to a lot of kind of music: metal, rock, classic and opera music and I study opera singing...My favourite books are The phantom of the Opera by Leroux, Note Dame de Paris by Hugo and Macbeth by Shakespeare..well..I think I've said everything!
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Re: presentations
« Risposta #2 il: 4 Febbraio 2009, 10:48:04 am »
Let's try, why not?

My name is Chiara, and I'm a student. Lately I'm very busy with an incredible amount of exams, so I'm not so active in the forum..
I like reading, my favourite authors are Giorgio Faletti, Dan Brown, but most of all Ken Follet. I like thrillers, but even love stories, if there is an happy ending.. :"> I adore walking, specially with my dog Artù, and skating, even if I'm usually very lazy. I adore going to the cinema, and playing brain trainer games. I like to improve me, and put myself to the test.
I like laughing, and make people laugh. I'm quite good at listening, but not at exposing myself..
I think that it can be enough for the moment.. Bye! :-)
Un giorno senza un sorriso è un giorno perso.
-Charlie Chaplin-

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Re: presentations
« Risposta #3 il: 15 Maggio 2009, 22:50:44 pm »
Hi..I'm Giuseppe..
I'm from Sicily, but i work everywhere..
I like to have always new experiences and for this reason i travel a lot!!
I like my country with the sun and the see..but i like wonderfull places too all over the world..
I speak with trees, flowers and birds cause i think they can understend me..could be that i need a medical visit  :-d
for the rest....i hope to be clear..
many kisses
vola col pensiero..non fermarti..

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Re: presentations
« Risposta #4 il: 16 Maggio 2009, 20:14:13 pm »
Giuseppe...I think you are like the little poor man of Assisi...! :-d
cKappa ^*°^*°^*°^*°^*°^*°^*°^*° Sì che ti voglio bene, bene davvero...

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Re: presentations
« Risposta #5 il: 16 Maggio 2009, 22:42:31 pm »
Giuseppe...I think you are like the little poor man of Assisi...! :-d
hihihi  :-) could be my dear Concetta..could be..
vola col pensiero..non fermarti..

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Re: presentations
« Risposta #6 il: 28 Maggio 2010, 18:08:53 pm »
Ok, ok, I think that I could try...

Hiiiiiii! I'm Marta, I'm a student! I study foreigns languages...and this is why I didn't want to write in this topic...I study English, BUT I'm not able to speak and write it!!!! What a shame!!!
I like to read, to listen to music (all the types of music, in effect there isn't a genre that I prefere...strange? Dunno!), I like to write sometimes, specially when I need to do it or when I want to write to someone...
At the moment I'm preparing a lot of exams, and that's why I don't write a lot here...I'm sorry, but I'm going crazy, I would like but...I cannot =(
I think that...if I'll be better in English I'll write more about myself...but, unluckly, I'm afraid that this will never happen =( BUT, when I'm having time, I promise that I'm writing here!!!!! (In Italian, OBVIOUSLY :P )

A kiss to everyone!!


I'm reeealllyyyyyy soooorryyyy for all the mistakes that I made....I'm a disaster!!!! :'(
"Il problema non è quanto aspetti, ma chi aspetti"
(Fabio Volo, "Il Giorno In Più")